- Melanie C - Jan 2003

Welcome to and the first webchat with Melanie since December 2000!

Thanks for all your questions, we’ve received thousands of them from all over the world. Right now we have Melanie on the line, so lets not waste any more time…

Hi everyone, thanks for logging on. I’m ready and waiting for all your questions so fire away.

Where are you at the moment?
Kevin Clarke
I’m up in Liverpool right now seeing some mates.

Life must be busy at the moment, how’s it all going?
Rosario Turchetti
Well it’s a mixture of excitement and nerves at the moment. Everything is starting to happen all at once so life is pretty hectic.

Hi Melanie, you've been out of the spotlight for a while so was it scary to make an appearance at such a big event as the MTV Awards?
Can't wait for 'Reason'!
Helen Manley
I was really nervous at the awards but everyone seemed so pleased to see me. It was very nice.

Hey Melanie.
Is it true that you co-wrote the song Help Me Help You for Holly Valance?
Help Me Help You was a song we wrote not specifically for Holly but she heard it and loved it, so we let her have it!

Hi Melanie,
What's your fave song from 'Reason'? And why?
Lots of Love from Belgium xx
I love Here It Comes Again, it just rocks and it’s the first single from Reason. I’m very proud of it, I think it’s a lovely song.

Hey Melanie
I was wondering how did you go about choosing Here It Comes Again as your first single off REASON... what is this song about?
It was really obvious to me that Here It Comes Again would be great as a first single. It has so much energy. It’s a love song, talking about the feeling of being in love.

Greetings Melanie! I was wondering... do you have any plans to do any festivals this summer like V2003 or PITP? Good luck with new stuff!
We haven’t got any planned at the moment but we’re definitely going to.

What has been your favourite video shoot and why?
Paul x
Here It Comes Again because we had to wrap up at 5pm when the sun went down. They can be so boring!!

What is your fave country to take off and relax in?
I Love Barbados. It’s sunny, beautiful and the locals are really nice.

Hey Mel! How are you gonna arrange your setlist for the tour? Half of Northern Star and then half of Reason? Or is it purely a Reason tour?
Loadsa Love,
I’ll definitely be doing all the old favourites from Northern Star and most of Reason.

Hello Melanie!
I've got a special love to DVDs and music videos. I was wondering if you are planning to release your own DVD one day. The fans really want a music videos collection, as well as a concert on a DVD!
I would like to film a live show for DVD but I’ll let you know.

Lately the tabloids have been praising you, your music and your "new" image. Do you care what they have to say or do you still feel the same way about them? Hope to see ya live again soon.
Lots of love,
Sam xxx.
It is nice when they say nice stuff but you can’t listen too much. The tide soon turns and they’re being horrible again.

What was so different this time around comparing to the making of "Northern Star"?
Diogo Branco, Portugal
I was worried I couldn’t do it again. But the songs were so great I knew it would be even better.

Hi Mel, nice to see you're back again.
I have a question for you. There have been rumours about you removing some of your tattoos, is that true? If so, which tattoo are you removing? Personally I love your tattoos, and I hope you'll keep them.
Thanks for answering.
Love Maja
I don’t know where that rumour came from. I have no intention of removing any tattoos.

Hi Melanie,
Is writing songs difficult? I've been trying for some time now and am not
getting anywhere. Any suggestions?
Thanks, TJ
Sometimes it’s really easy and other times it’s impossible. The best songs are written when you just let yourself go.

Dearest Mel,
I am a huge fan of yours and the rest of the girls. I'm so excited about the new album. I was wondering though if it is going to be released in the States as well. Your last album was and tour (House of Blues, Chicago) was the bomb. You should push your record label to promote you more and better here in the U.S. Your music is hot!! Take care and hope you tour the U.S. (especially Chicago), again Caio,Gonzo
Well thank you. We hope to release the album in the US later this year. I agree the record company needed a kick up the arse, which they’ve now had!

Hi Melanie
What's the thing that you will never do, no matter what.
Smoke a ciggy, I think they’re minging!

Melanie, what's the reason for the name of the album being REASON?
Love Renata
Well firstly it’s a song on the record. And for me music makes me feel like I have a purpose. It’s my reason.

Hi Melanie
What's the challenge to yourself for the second album and why? eg. sales, public, country....?
Nadia xx
I hope to make records for the rest of my life, it’s all I want to do.

Hi Melanie How u doing?
A lot of USA fans have been asking the same question
Will "Here It Comes Again" and "Reason" be released in the US?
The album will definitely be released in the US, just not sure when yet.

Damian Le Gassick worked on your album this time around. Did the work come about because of the success and the work he did with the I Turn To You single? Who approached who? Can we expect more dance tracks this time around?
I was really please with Damian’s work on I.T.T.Y and Pat McCarthy thought he’d be great on some new tracks. They sound fab, he’s great.

Hey mel,
i was just wondering if you have been playin guitar at all? and if so, what kind of guitar[s] do you have?
charly Mulligan
I havent practised for a while, I’m very naughty. I can play a few of my songs very badly. I’ve got a few guitars: A Taylor Semi-Acoustic, a Vintage Martin Acoustic, A Pig Nose and a Fender Strat (given to us on Spiceworld). Ridiculous I know. My new years resolution is to learn to play em!

On the next tour will you be using the same band as before ??? and what can we expect from the new shows ??
sue court
I’ve got a new bass player, keyboards, and second guitar. They sound great, we rock! New songs, old hits and wicked lights.

Hi Melanie,
last year you said you wanted to swim with dolphins, did you do that?
And what's the thing you really want to do this year?
I never got a chance. I still want to do that and learn to play more stuff on my guitar… and maybe some piano!

Sorry everybody but I've got to go now so thanks very much for logging on, take care and see you all soon
Love Mel xx